Yule Witch Protection Ornament

Today is December 21, 2018 and for us Witches is Yule. We are celebrating the birth of the God who is connected to the Sun and is born from the Goddess. It is the Winter Solstice, the shortest day and longer night of the year. In order to celebrate it many traditions are taking place during this special ocassion. One of them is the classical DIY project of making a Yule Log. But today I am going to give you another idea that is for those who do not have too much time due to a busy life or do not have the space or resources to make a log.

I am showing in the picture a unique handmade Yule Witch Protection Ornament. It is a Witch Protection Ball with a twist. I used a flat round ornament instead of a traditional ball. Then I filled it with Spanish Moss, Reindeer Moss, Cinnamon Stick to add great energy and color, some Cloves for protection, a piece of raw Myhrr which is great for purification, protection and religious work representing the Sun God, a little piece of an Oak branch from my backyard to represent the Yule Log and a tiny feather to represent the newborn stage of the Sun God who will later open his bigger wings made of fire to make us warm and cozy (simbolic of the upcoming Spring and Summer Seasons).

You can also create your own with any materials you like. This is again a great idea for adding to your tree, you can even make a smaller ball for a mini tree in an office/work area.

I hope you all enjoy this amazing Yule 2018 that coincide with a Full Moon and a Meteorite Shower! Bless be!


Your Witchy Dancer!

Yule Witch Protection Ornament

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