World Spell Against Human Trafficking, Pedophilia & Cannibalism

Today I am suggesting a spell that antine can do under the Full Moon to vanish Human Trafficking, Pedophilia and Cannibalism from the World.

I am using the following:

A Cauldron or Fire Proof Container

1 Bay Leave for Protection of the Victims

Black Pepper for Banishing

Centaury Herb for Justice and the ability for the victims to say "NO"

1 or more crystals for placing in the Altar after the spell to increase effectiveness

1 Black Ink Pen

1 Piece of Paper

Some Coffee Grounds

Now in the morning:

Start by writing on a piece of paper

Human Trafficking



Draw a Sigil for Justice and Protection on top of the three words, you can use my example on the picture.

Then pass coffee grounds on top to make the paper look old and invoking the powers of the Old Witches.

At night, I will do it at 9pm cast your circle first, then say the following:

Archangel Michael protect these children, teens and adults from all harm

Archangel Gabriel bring them good news and bless them.

We call upon Justice and Protection and no more harm by then of this Full Moon tonight! So be it!

Break the paper in pieces and toss it in the Cauldron, add the herbs and burn it all together.

Charge the crystals under the Full Moon then place it in the Altar later or in the morning.

Bleased be!


Your Witchy Dancer!

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