Working with Water Symbols During Summertime

Summertime, especially the month of July is my favorite time of the year. The Full Moon will probably be more visible than during the wintertime and it is my birthday month too! I am a Cancer, hot water as I am at the end of the zodiac close to Leo, a Caribbean Mermaid that loves to eat ocean food and that misses enjoying any of the beautiful beaches in Vieques or around the main Island (Puerto Rico). Now that you know a bit more about me and the reason for this article, let us move into the information I want to share with you this month.

During Summertime we can incorporate crystals and other items that can connect us more with the ocean, with the rivers and with all the Holy Water from the Archangel Gabriel, who even though is considered to be connected with the Autumn, for me and others who are from the same cultural background we see the ocean connected to the Summer. We also have other deities that are from the Neo-Caribbean Religions of the Caribbean such as Yemayá in Santería (Cuba) and Palo Mayombe (Dominican Republic) that are representative of the Ocean as well as for Cuba the Catholic version is “Virgen de la Caridad del Cobre” (who is Yemayá as well) and for us in Puerto Rico our Catholic Patron is “Virgen de la Providencia”, but she has no equivalent in any of the Neo African Religions of the Caribbean since we do not have our own in Puerto Rico.

In the other hand in the Wicca Religion, we venerate and honor our beautiful Moon Goddess who is also connected with the ocean. In other words, this is definitely the best time of the year to bring the energy of abundance and bless yourself with all this Holy Water.

The following are items you can use in your altar of jewelry that connect with any of these deities and facilitates working with the energy of the Water Element. You can also work with boiling or hot water energy as we have the Sun warming us too. Just handle with care…

1- Aquamarine, Larimar and Caribbean Blue Calcite are wonderful crystals that metaphysically talking, brings abundance, calm and peace. Metaphysically, they are great to work with for Asthma and other respiratory ailments. Larimar and Aquamarine help you “breath under water” when you feel life is trying to drown you.

Here is a link for the perfect Caribbean Blue Calcite Moon for your Altar:

2- Wear Sea Glass Jewelry. In the picture you can see one of the Sea Glass that I aged myself and mount it with a beautiful Mermaid (available in my online metaphysical store). This type of jewelry you can also wear it while doing a ritual on your altar and under a Full Moon Day like this upcoming on July 5th! Here is a perfect necklace with sea glass and a Mermaid!

3- Use shells as a fire safe container for your smudge. As you can see, for Palo Santo you can even use a smaller shell and it fits perfectly. You can also wear shells or shell fossils. Here is a link to a beautiful Ammonite Shell Pendant with chain.

In this link you can find a nice set of Palo Santo and Shell:

4- If you have the blessing to live in the Caribbean itself, make your own smudge with ‘Uva Playera Leaves’ or Palm Tree Leaves. You can even decorate your altar with those and different kinds of seashells.

5- Work with the energy of the waves. Meditate on a calm ocean or perhaps surfing or enjoying the splashes of the waves sitting on the shore, touch the sand, feel the shells around. This type of meditation can also serve as a nice way of grounding and cleansing some stagnant old energy.

6- Last but now least, shark teeth are a great addition, including a nice big Megalodon Tooth if you own one, and this is a symbol of protection and strength.

I can add that if you are like me, who incorporate Tarot Cards in rituals and Magick, the suit of Cups is perfect, and you can select the specific card for the specific intention. Just to give some examples.

‘Ace of Cups’ is great to attract abundance and a great start of a project of business. As a surprise in this article, I am incorporating a picture of my upcoming new Tarot Deck to have a visual source of the representation to work with deities and Water symbols during Summertime. In this card I have the shell with the Pearl because Puerto Rico has always been called “The Pearl of the Caribbean” and as it is stated above, our Virgin is ‘Virgen de la Providencia’, and there is even a song in her honor, so this is a great card once the Tarot Deck is out for sale, to work with the Water Element and either the Virgin, Yemayá or The Goddess. It is also for attracting blessings and abundance if you ask the Virgin to bless you and protect you against all harm.

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‘Knight of Cups’ is great to work with Archangel Gabriel to bring you good news and bless you with his/her Holy Water.

‘Three of Cups’, definitely a celebration or partnership similar to the energy of ‘Two of Cups’. However, in ‘Two of Cups’ we can also add the romance to it.

For honoring Yemayá, The Goddess or any of the Virgins, and depending on the deck, you can use

‘The Star’, ‘The Moon’ or even ‘Queen of Cups’. Use ‘The Sun’ for honoring The God and ask him to warm or boil the water for you in case you need that as well.

*Also, see above in the ‘Ace of Cups’ as in my upcoming deck I have ‘Virgen de la Providencia’ on it. *

I hope you enjoyed and got some ideas from this article; It is an understatement to say that I love this warm time of the year!

I also recommend the following book for working with the Element of Water is titled Water Magic by Llewellyn’s Author Lilith Dorsey:

Did you know that I will be in her Blog in the month of June? Stay tuned for more!


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