Working with the Biggest Super Moon of 2019

We are having an event tomorrow that will be a great change for us the Pagan Community as well as anyone from any path to work under the biggest Full Moon from 2019. For years I have studied the phases of the Moon and I have also experimented working during those different phases as well. Not always I got the results I wanted because I tried a spell under the wrong phase, or the energy of a stone was not working at the best of its abilities because it needed some boost and I did not do it. Therefore, I am sharing with you how important is to be diligent when working with the phases of the beautiful upcoming Full Moon tomorrow February 19th.

Let’s start by sharing that there are only three Super Moons in 2019 and this specific Super Moon is the closest one to the Earth from the whole year. That means that the energy is more intense, and we should take advantage of it! It is one of the most powerful Moons of the year. This is a moment to have a request and put intentions of attraction in your spells or meditations.

Start by choosing the area where you have less interruptions from trees, buildings or columns that might be blocking the items or water to receive the direct light from the Moon. If you are charging water think for what purpose you want it. If you want to drink it, I highly recommend bringing a bottle of drinkable water to the area you will use to charge it. If you want it for blessings or to clean crystals, you can just fill any container and close it with a lid to keep it for a long time without going bad and to keep the energy flowing.

When charging crystals, you have endless options. You can create a crystal grid specifically for this upcoming Super Moon (I am doing this). You can also place many crystals (depending on the size) on one container or plate and put them under the Moon’s light. If you want to keep some crystals for a specific spell and you want the energy to be more intense you can also get a little wooden chest (available in my store), place the crystals in it, leave it open overnight and next morning you can just close it until you are ready to work with them.

I hope you can be able to apply any of these ideas tomorrow. Remember if it is cloudy or you are in a place where you cannot get direct Moon’s light still put your items beside a window or outside and you will still benefit from it!

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Photo Credit: Leticia Ferrer-Rivera

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