Wolf Moon Tarot Reading

We are approaching the Blood Moon also known by Native Americans as the Wolf Moon. Wolves would howl for hunger during this Full Moon. The Blood/Wolf Moon is also bringing strong emotions when it comes to love and relationships right before February starts bringing reconciliation during St. Valentines.

This inspired me to shufle some cards and present a reading with 'The Vampires Tarot of the Eternal Night'. Here is the interpretation from the Reading in the picture:

We are in a constant search for finding the right balance in all aspects of our life. We are always testing and measuring. We do not give up and keep meditating on ways to achieve it. Despite all odds you should feel proud of what you have conquered at this point. But only you know what happens in your dreams. It is expected during this upcoming Full Moon that you will feel a little disoriented and the emotions will be at high level. However, your guardian spirits and angels will guide you through in order to recover quick from the confusion. You are in control of your emotions and the path you want to follow. At the end of that path you can see the light of discerment.

I will be posting other related things about meditating and getting inspired with this amazing event that also include an Eclipse. Stay tune!

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