Witchcraft vs Neo-African Religions

As part of the Anniversary from when the Witches Trials started, I want to let our voices hear a little bit by clarifying that there is a huge variety of religions and believes among the Pagan community. I grew up in the Caribbean surrounded by different Neo African Religions as well as I have lots of heritage from different European countries and in my family, I am a Witch by heritage. Just to mention that the origins of my last name goes back to France where it was Ferreira and then Farrar when they moved to England. After that when the Farrar descendants moved to Barcelona it became Ferrer. That is one of the heavy reasons for me to keep Witchcraft and Wicca in my heart and blood. Needles to say I have embraced both sides of my heritage just in different ways. I have also heard a lot of confusion from the non-Pagans when talking about the unknown. This is sometimes impacting the Pagan community in a negative way. It is part of my responsibility to educate and inform and what a better way than dedicating this Blog to that.

A Neo African Religion is formed after the Slavery in the Caribbean and the three Americas. It is the result of the people who were abducted under horrible conditions from their country they were from Africa and started a new slavery life in another place far from their home. They were not able to practice their own Religion because of the Catholicism was enforced and they will get tortured, whipped or killed. They had to do it in disguise as behind the Catholic images for them to practice and follow what they felt in their hearts and that nobody could take it away. The following are the most known Neo African Religions and the country they were formed at:

Santería – Cuba

Palo Mayombe – Dominican Republic

Voodoo – Haití

Candomblé – Brazil

Hoodoo – New Orleans (USA)

Comfa – Guyana

The Witchcraft is formed in Europe and the modern Neo Pagan Religion is Wicca. Not all Witches are Wiccan, but Wicca is deeply connected to the “Old Ways”. Just by saying that and not to make the Blog too long, you can now see that we are not all Witches and that under each religion or spiritual practice there might be some other variations of it. Just under the Wicca there are different types of practicing it such as Gardnerian, Seax-Wicca, Alexandrian, Solitary and many more. People also tend to mix Witchcraft with Satanism when they are opposite practices and, in the Witchcraft, they do not believe in Satan or the Devil as the Catholic or Christians have tried to impose in the past. On a side note, Satanism is also part of the Pagan community and we must respect them just as we want them to respect us. The message intended is to be culturally and religious competent when it comes to talking about any other religions mentioned above and to prevent creating confusion. I hope this has been as help!


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