Two Religions, One Heart!

Religious and spiritual practices have taken a twist within the last decade, especially when it comes to individuals (like me), who have their heart shared (not divided) between two or more religions. There are still a lot of taboo and misconceptions around this.

At first, I had issues and this internal fight with the male God of the Catholic side, as I never had issues on continuing my connection with the Virgin Mary in all her ways. I also have a connection with certain Orishas from the Santería like Yemayá and Oshún, but for now let’s keep it Wiccan Catholic and I will go deeper on the Orishas at a later date.

I have discovered through different groups in social media that I am not the only person with this “debate” and the feelings are similar, especially for the new ones who are starting to walk the road now. That motivated me to write this article as I have not seen any other on the internet yet. So, I want to let you all know that you are not alone.

How did I give myself permission to continue sharing my heart within all these deities and spiritual connection with all the divine at the same time? The more I studied Wicca the more I saw there were no specific rules, so staying more on the Wicca side, I felt freedom of religion and freedom to reach up to connect with each of the divine beings, but each of them are there for specific situations. I am going to share a bit of how I have made it work, I hope it helps you too or at least to ignite your own creative way of making it happen.

1- I started doing separate meditations in order to find the type of feelings I had for each side and to find the purpose on connecting with each of the deities I decided to work with.

2- Try choosing the keep specific deities. An example is let’s say I made my choice for keeping Diana (to me is The Moon Goddess too), Kernunos, Virgin Mary, Other Goddesses like Freya, Hecate and Persephone, and other forms of Gods like the Green Man and the Sun God.

3- The Angelic Realm is across the board in all religions. I also have started working with the main four Archangels and this year I started working with the rest of them. I did the same regarding studying them and getting to know each of them personally by connecting with them following the messages they send me.

4- Study deities and Archangels both ways, in literature and personally. During all these years I understood that you have to maintain a strong spiritual connection with each of them (as much as you can), but also they will be there for you no matter what.

5- I also learned that some ways to receive an offering when working with certain deities. Some like a prayer, and some do not ask for anything and are there for you unconditionally.

6- I also learned that you do not summon or call the wrong deity, it can be dangerous (some Goddesses who have a dark side can get upset), it can be disappointing and definitely will not work. You will immediately feel the energy that you are working with the wrong deity.

7- I made was altars for the four main Archangels in my office and and one for the Virgin Mary in a separate room. I learned very quickly that it is healthier to maintaining certain deities in separate rooms, even if you say a prayer that includes them all.

8- I created temporary Crystal Grids or smaller altars for other deities that I do not normally work on a daily basis, but to honor them, call upon them or even just show them gratitude. I consider that creating smaller areas for them, even if it is a temporary one, helps a lot with the connection, the intention and the results.

9- When it comes to wearing sacred jewelry, I always felt that mixing a cross with a Pentacle is perfectly fine. It feels like the highest level of protection. A similar level to the one you feel when carrying or wearing Jet or Black Obsidian. This is because I found that people (and me) do not click necessarily with the religion itself, but the click is with the deities.

10- I learned that they all love incense, smudge, candles, oils and crystals and that makes it easy as I can light a candle with one incense stick and it covers all, I do not have to ignite anything for anyone specifically, unless I am summoning or evoking someone for a specific ritual or intention.

11- The divine has specific colors they like, so for requesting help for a specific issue, I use the crystal(s) or candles with the colors of the deity I want to get attention from. This is not only applied to Archangels, but it is across the board, in all religions and deities in the World. Same applies for aromas, they have their preference.

What I am sharing here is what I have discovered in my years of experience but also in some literature I have search and read for different deities and the Archangels. It is imperative you really get to know the deities you want to connect and work with, it is important to feel each of them around you and in your heart. It is important you talk to each of them and you show them gratitude in different ways, even by saying a short “thank you”, it is important to be grateful for them and what they help you with in your life. Feel free to use this as a starting guide or to get more ideas.

Before the end of this article, I want to show you what has been my biggest inspiration by giving myself permission to continue sharing my heart between two religions… The Pagan Rosary!

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"We should support each other and COEXIST with the others who not necessarily agree with us or follow the same."

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