Twelve Tarot Cards & Twelve Crystals Forecast for 2021

Updated: Jan 3, 2021

This is my prediction for 2021 as I draw one card and one crystal for each month of the year. I invite to see and read what came to the mat!

January - Hanged Man and Ruby - This is a very [particular January. We are starting 2021 with a global bit of sacrifice and discipline. We will have an increase of faith in positive outcomes later on, but January is a month of sacrificing fun and working more in an individual basis for enforcing to look inside, to raise our spirituality in order to prepare for the rest of the year. It is also showing us a sign of being stronger than ever and to be patient.

The Ruby symbolizes love and attracting success in business. This adds to the discipline mentioned above that we should focus more in the projects and career that will make us prosperous in 2021. January is favoring to focus, maintain a routine and create. To get out of the comfort zone and think upside down.

February - Ten of Pentacles is the card showing for the Month of Love. It is guiding us to a favorable month for sharing our love with others and not keeping things to ourselves. This February is favorable for those with long distance relationships or those who felt like they were physically and emotionally distant from their current partners to get closer and reunite. This February 2021 does not show the moment for a short term commitment but rather for committing to a long term relationship. Engagements are also favorable for this month. As the Archangel Raphael is giving us permission to "bite the apple of love" and to get closer to that special someone we have in our life, this particular February 2021 is not favorable for a short St. Valentine's Date for fun, but to embrace eternal love. It is not a good moment to break a relationship (even if it is a business one). It is a moment to take a bite and take risks. There is a clear representation of Love in this card as the Putti illustrated in it means just that: Love around us.

The Fossils are adding transformation. It goes perfect with the statement above as it is a moment for transforming relationships and not break them apart. To change them from vulnerable into something stronger and beautiful.

March - Nine of Pentacles - Treat yourself! For many still chilly at this time of the year, but if you can go outdoors and breath some fresh air as a symbol of receiving the gifts the Universe has aligned for you do it. The main reason this card appears in March is to show a safe ground and a sense of security. The is not a big change between January to March, but there is going to be a moment of relaxation as the stress goes down and we feel secure in our garden of joy. For those working on projects you will need that extra push and determination for taking the next step towards the completion of your projects.

The Agate is a symbol of stability and balance as it also attracts good luck. It complement our live with balance and it is the perfect moment to work on a Grounding session to cleanse our Aura. In the Metaphysical World Agate is a also a protective stone so it reinforce the message of the Nine of Pentacles of feeling safe and secure.

April - Seven of Pentacles (7 of Earth) - This is now entering the Spring time and we carry unnecessary worries with us. This month is for resting an planning. Later you will be rewarded if you have planted your seeds well. For now just take the time to plan for the future instead of getting impatient to see results.

Moonstone is the crystal joining the 7 of Earth. This is a symbol of femininity and two Goddesses working together, Terra and Diana. We are now close to the perfect months for going to the beach so the Moon Goddess starts to clear the ocean shores from the creatures that will not be allowing us, the human kind to fully enjoy a day at the beach and regulating the waves, while Mother Earth starts providing us with first blooms and signs of Spring time. Separate time for planting some seeds as it states above and wait to see the results later in the summer time. This is a perfect month to do an Ostara Egg Planting Ritual! I still have my beautiful Sage plant I did last year.

May - Three of Swords - May does not offer the most positive card when it comes to being truthful. There is something that is coming in disguise so we need to have the eyes open for this. There is a reason why it is not the best moment to start nothing new and to work with what you already have on your plate and that is because Mercury starts slowing down around May 21st in order to go Retrograde on the 30th. However, by the end of May everyone will have a chance to continue working on that big project you all took a break from during the first week of May. I suggest that if you were not able to bring something to completion before May 6th to wait until May 30th to continue on completing it.

Herkimer Diamond is the crystal for April. This is a Yin/Yang type of energy. It is also the representation of The Chariot in my Crystals Tarot. This means that we can still walking or driving towards the goal, but we are not reaching the end of it yet. It validates the fact that we should keep refining and perfecting what we have before we decide to complete it. This is the time to enjoy the ride and pay attention to details you have not seen along the road yet, and that are important for finishing our master piece.

June - Page of Cups - We all need some distraction but not to the point that we forget about important things. We are now in the middle of the Hurricane Season and we symbolically need to pay attention to our daily lives. It seems that this month people will be distracted with something that should be as important as they see it and will not be living in reality. We also have to be spontaneous but we should take responsibility if the result is not what is to be expected. Be careful with the bohemian lifestyle feeling this month brings.

Obsidian is joining Page of Cups. It is a highly protective stone in the Metaphysical World and it is formed of Lava. It is a moment of the year to let go of anger or resentments. It is a moment for self-check within. It is also a good month for making big decisions as the energies are favoring a great outcome. But for all this Grounding and Meditation are the best tools and using Obsidian during these moments will assists big time in banishing negativity, cleansing and being able to thing better.

July - Two of Cups - The best month for partnering in business from 2021! It is also a moment to share time with others. It seems that there is also a great moment for weddings and any type of alliance is taking place. It seems that closing contracts, deals, as well as sharing in the personal level are all well expected in July. Great month for hospitality!

Amethyst, the all-in-one Master Healer crystal is joining Two of Cups. This means that the probabilities of not being compatible or to be disappointed in this alliance is really small. All the headaches and tensions you had about this new contract, partnership or even big event where there is a team work of people to make it happen is over. Empathy at a Worldwide level is also expected to be recovered at a higher level as too much disagreement happened in 2020 and it has been a healing process. Let's celebrate!

August - Page of Cups again! Oh wow! In this case the energy of this Page of Cups is towards being creative, artistic. The perfect moment to start something new that moves emotions. Be flexible and fluid in this month of August. This is the last month that is perfect to be at the beach as it is the last month with no "r" in it for 2021. It also seems to be a month of abundance and a moment to connect with deities related to the water element like Archangel Gabriel, Yemayá, Virgen de la Caridad de l Cobre, Virgen de la Providencia and the Moon Goddess (Diana, Selene or any of our choice).

Ironically a Tangerine Quartz is the one that came out of my crystal bag for August, matching the orange tones of the lines of the shirt from the Page of Cups as well as the fishes of prosperity showing on this beautiful illustration. Tangerine Quartz balances the emotions with giving us great energy and connecting us with the Sun God. it adds more intention on the prosperity chances for this month. As it connects with the Sacral Chakra it intensifies the fire an passion between lovers too, but it takes it to a higher spiritual connection.

At this point we have seen between June, July and August the Angel Number 121 meaning that between these three months The Universe will be more connected to us than ever.

September - Ten of Cups - How many Cups we have in 2021? Four! Quite of an of emotional year. But it seems that the emotions arising in 2021 are mostly positive. Ten of Cups is showing us a non conventional family reunion. It is happiness and the celebration of joy with the love ones. At this point of the year it is important to remember where we come from. We should also make space to recognize those close to us on their achievements. We tend to look outside at successful people out of our circle and not giving some recognition to our close ones. Our roots are important and our immediate family should always have priority, but especially in September 2021 we should emphasize it more.

Red Jasper as a stone that connects with the Root Chakra cannot be a better fit for this card. Red Jasper is a stone of empowerment. It is also a stone that works with dispelling negativity. It is a boost of energy so this is a very active month, especially on the Southern Hemisphere. There is a probability for a warmer or more intense September on 2021.

October - The Hermit - I see with The Hermit that October is coming with new discoveries, most likely in the science area. This is one of the only two Major Arcanas showing for the year 2021, and that means that October comes with big events. However, it is also a month that invites to having moments of isolation and working on new projects that will be completed either before the end of the year or towards mid 2022 (tell me which of the two resonates better for you). The Hermit is also someone who uses wisdom to resolve complex issues in life so it brings light to others at the end of a dar tunnel. We need to be able to request assistance from others who are experienced or can bring wisdom to us in certain areas of our personal and professional lives.

For the ones who are connected to Caribbean spiritual believes, it is a great moment to work with our ancestors, not only because we already know the veil is thinner between us and the spirit world, but because it is a great moment of 2021 to ask Maquetauri Guayaba to guide our departed loved ones through the best and sweetest path from the Underworld. Another tendency for protection and grounding as the African Bloodstone is the stone for October 2021.

African Bloodstone show us the need to protect our own soul, our own being. To have a moment for ourselves to connect with our spiritual side. In order for your new project(s) to start the right way, you have to be truthful to yourself and well balanced between body, mind, and spirit. Ask your spirit guides to guide you in October and listen the instructions very well, so you can get the perfect formula for achieving the desired results.

November - Seven of Pentacles - Just because we have achieved a harvest from a plant does not mean we do not need to care for it any longer. We should not take our achievements for granted, but in the contrary work hard for reaching the next level after this. For those who has been able to harvest their fruits of labor in this month, do to take it for granted, you are not done yet and do not procrastinate working on the next step, as instead of Roses you will find only thorns at a later time.

Emerald is the gorgeous crystal for November 2021. It is a crystal that connects with the Heart Chakra, love and truth, loyalty as well as bringing good fortune. Emerald is a crystal for strength. It seems that November will be a pretty balanced month. As this is by the end of 2021, it is the best moment to ask how loyal have you been to yourself and others? Do not wait until December to show your loyalty and truthful self. Let your heart beat.

December- Another of the only two Major Arcanas for 2021 The Empress! What a majestic way to close 2021! It is a card that is inviting us to care about others. I find this an understatement as people already do that during the Holidays. However, this is showing us more a motherly way of caring for others and not that much of a friendly way. It is more like to make sure others are doing well and taking leadership without being arrogant. Seems that it will be a pretty prosperous month that will create an easy transition to 2022. Abundance, resources and caring about others are the words that can describe December 2021. Also is a call for not forcing anything going from 2021 to 2022, let the New Year takes it natural course.

Aquamarine calls for abundance and this at the same time brings a feeling of relief. Just like the Archangel Gabriel, Aquamarine energy brings good news. It is a great month to work with intuition, emotions and reaching up to the Archangelic Realms. It seems that a lot of stagnant energy will be cleansed in December for the Planet to be a better place. I so see abundance of water but not aggressively, as a symbol of a peaceful end of the year 2022. I feel that the presence of something big and negative is banishing at this time of the year. It is a big event of rejoic