Traditions on December 31st to say Goodbye to "Año Viejo"!

We all have traditions and rituals to follow during New Year's Eve. I would say that in my family we follow at least 3 or 4 different ones and they are all from different heritage in our ancestry. We follow a special bath ritual with a special soap of our choice. We all dress up even if we are staying at home for the occasion. We love pictures too! But we do not only dress up, we follow the colors we should use based on our Zodiac. For example Cancer should use White and Silver while Leo should use Orange and Gold.

We still have the Tree and all ornaments up because where I come from is the place with the longest Holiday Season in the World that starts in Thanksgiving and ends mid-January (Puerto Rico)! I will be writing another Blog for January 6th regarding the Three Kings Day.

Going back to December 31st, after watching the Ball Dropping in NYC, the first thing we do at 12:00 midnight is to immediately throw and bucket of water out of the front door in order to get rid of anything negative in order to welcome the New Year clean and surrounded of positive energy and protection. This ritual has come through many generations in my Mother's side of the family and it is also fun to do. Right after we hug and kiss each other and eat 12 grapes. Each person eats 12 grapes as symbol of prosperity and abundance for each month of the new upcoming year. We then do a toast and say some words including Magical words and sometimes a prayer (we are mix of religions at home). We also like to carry money on us through the whole night to attract money and prosperity in the upcoming year.

Now, from our Pagan side we sometimes perform a spell earlier in the morning and we do a Tarot and Pendulum Reading during the night. Our Hors d'Ouvres include a variety of cheeses, crackers, olives and sometimes Fruit Cake and cookies. We also enjoy typical food from the Caribbean that includes Pasteles, Arroz con Gandules and a Salad. Here is where I combine my Wicca with my Caribbean Heritage. Pasteles are like a bundle looking like before unwrapping them, so I always put and intention for prosperity, health and protection before serving them.

Now it's your turn to tell me about your traditions in this special and fun day!

Thank you in advance for sharing!


Your Witchy Dancer!

Me, Yara (my Daughter) and Norma (my Mother) representing the Triple Goddess and remembering a very humble and peaceful year back in 2010 in our very first hard winter!

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