The Wolf Totem with the Full Moon

Tradtionally Native Americans called the Full Moon in January 'The Wolf Moon' due to the wolves howling for hunger. As we can also see the wolves as a Totem animal, this event is significant as a reflection of the wolf in us.

Using the The Moon card from 'The Vampires Tarot of the Eternal Night' we can meditate on how to embrace the feelings in a higher level than usual. We can relate on moments when we like to look directly in to the other person's eyes for different reasons. For a moment of romance, for a moment of an important conversation or even as challenging the one you do not symphatize with. Whatever our reason is, that is part of the similar behavior between humans and wolves.

We should also remember that no matter how self-confident we are on a daily basis, we can feel all over the place at times. Those times we ask a "why" with a tone of surprise.

The magickal part is how the beautiful light of the Moon can guide us to find the escape out of the scattered energies, but are you aware is there or are you not looking in all directions in order to find it?

Tomorrow we will talk about 'The Blood Moon'.

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