The Sun God & The Hunter's Moon

I am not sure if someone ever thought about this crazy idea of the Sun God acting behind the scenes during a Full Moon. I think it is totally possible. I feel for tonight's Full Moon we have a 'Dual Deity' special energy. The blessing of the Sun God / Horned God is there as he is also our God of the Wild perfect for the hunters assisting in the preparation for the upcoming Winter, for the darker moments of the year. for collecting meat to be preserved and stored. This is a very special Full Moon full of beautiful touches of the Goddess and the energy of the God together in a Yin/Yang way.

I know you are probably still thinking I am a bit crazy on this idea of placing the God within what has been "the exclusive moment" of our beloved Goddess. However, I insist he is stretching his warmth and light a bit longer tonight and the Goddess is receiving him in this fusion.

Besides of the Hunter's Moon I want to add it is a great moment for the ones who like me are in a cold place to probably see a Moon without the cloudy Winter skies yet and enjoy it at a reasonable temperature. It is a wonderful feeling of the crisp Autumn air, looking at the leaves around the ground and looking at the Full Moon above in the sky. It actually lasts until the next day and most likely you will be able to enjoy a scene of looking at the Sun and the Moon together. Wow! What a long time holding hands God and Goddess! Beautiful demonstration of love indeed!

*Note: Do not forget to place your crystals out on a porch or on a window sill tonight!*


Your Witchy Dancer!

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