The Pink Full Moon 2019

A Pink Full Moon is coming up on April 19th they say. However do not expect the Moon to be such color. The Pink Moon is a representation of the pink flowers that are starting to bloom during the beggining of the Spring. It is also a symbol of change and a fresh start.

With Beltane around the corner this is a perfect moment for having your Witch Ladder Spell ready and charge it under the Full Moon. You can charge it from the night before or the same night until the morning after depending on the intention.

This is also a great moment for meditation on things you want to let go, the ones you want to keep and the ones you want to welcome to your life as new projects or endeavors.

It is a happy Moon! The Pink Moon is perfect to create a magickal plant starter. Plant your favorite seeds in a planter you have cleansed and consecrate along with your wishes and goals written or represented with a sigil or drawimgs around the pot. Watch it grow at the same time you keep working towards your goals until achieving them.

I hope this article has clarify the questions about the Pink Moon. I also hope that it has been helpful about ideas on how to celebrate and enjoy this beautiful moment of the year!


Your Witchy Dancer!

Please visit the link below for having a Reading under the Pink Moon!

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