The High Priestess and the connection with the Virgin, Orishas and Goddesses

The following is an article I wrote for a local ROC Metaphysical Magazine. I am wondering if Pamela been Jamaican had also some knowledge of the Santería or Palo Mayombe. In Jamaica besides Rastafarian there is probably another influence from the Neo African Religions of the Caribbean (I will have to do more research in Jamaica specificly). But in the Caribbean we all share all kinds of cultural and religious similarities. They also were in NYC too surrounded by all people from the Caribbean and Africa. I see The High Priestess as follow: Note: I had a limit number of words so there is more information I would love to share, especially the connection with the Tiphareth (Beauty). More to come! Feel free to comment after reading my article. December 2019 " The High Priestess and the Connection with the Virgin, Orishas and Goddesses" By Leticia Ferrer-Rivera As I grew up in the Caribbean (specifically in Puerto Rico) where since the 1980’s there was a big influence between Catholics and Santeros in my family and close friends, I have always known about the Virgin Mary but also about Yemayá. Later, when I was introduced to Wicca I learned about The Goddess. We also feel a connection with Virgin Mary as we approach the Holiday Season (especially Christmas Day) and for us in the Pagan community we also celebrate Yule which connects us with the God born from The Goddess. I found a perfect time of the year for talking about ‘The High Priestess’ card of the Tarot. This is just a short preview on why I see The High Priestess from the Waite-Smith (Rider Waite Tarot) a bit different than others. It is indeed one of my favorites but even though I am also a High Priestess, I do not necessarily see myself as this type of High Priestess. I will explain now how I see this card and how it can be interpreted based on different cultural and religious backgrounds. This is the beauty of the Tarot and I love the fact it is open to interpretation. Let me start by saying that I know about the connection that it has with the Kabbalistic symbols, starting by connecting the pomegranate fruits from the background that are positioned as if it is The Tree of Life. She clearly has the Geburah (Security) on her right shoulder and the Chesed (Mercy) on her left shoulder as well as the Tiphareth (Beauty) where the cross on her chest is located. That is just to mention a few areas of The Tree of Life for you the reader to be able to locate it visually. If we look at her from the Orishas view I do clearly see ‘Yemayá’ who is the one connected to the Oceans and who gave Oshún the rivers. Yemayá in the Santería is represented by the image of ‘La Virgen de la Caridad del Cobre’ (from the Catholic religion) who guards the travelers from drowning or accidents in the ocean. ‘The High Priestess’ and ‘La Virgen de la Caridad del Cobre’ both have the same blue rope with the white dress and they both have a Crescent Moon and ocean water at their feet. In the Catholic religion people who pray to the ‘Virgin Mary’ they often request from her “Virgencita intercede por nosotros” (intervenes for us), which means for the Virgin Mary to be the third party between us and God in order to ask him to help us. What this means in The High Priestess is that she is also the intermediary between us and The Divine. It is the job from all three ‘The High Priestess’, ‘La Virgen de la Caridad del Cobre’ and ‘Yemayá’ to do save us, bless us and intercede for us because she is the connection between us the Higher Beings. Finally, we see a Triple Moon on ‘The High Priestess’ head. The card itself has an ageless image of her, but that Triple Moon connects not only with the phases of the Moon but also with the stages of the ‘Wiccan Goddess’ (Maiden, Mother and Crone). Have you ever connected this card in a reading with the current stage of the moon you are reading it under? I leave you there for your own interpretation. All I know is that for my Crystals Tarot I have created myself inspired by Scott Cunningham’s style of reading crystals; I do use a shell to represent ‘The High Priestess’ in it. If you are a Crystal Caster like me, what do you use? Perhaps a Moonstone? I would love to hear about it!

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