The Full Moon Energy Is Not Disposable

For years I have keep learning about how to work with the energy of the Moon. I have learned to adore her during every single stage. I want to take a moment to show you that today, you can still perform that spell you were not able to on 1/21, because the energy of the Full Moon is not disposable right the next day.

Go outside if you can and honor the presence of the Full Moon by telling her how special she is for you every day and in every stage, not only when big events happen.

Collect some snow that was charged with the Full Moon. Put it in a container to use it in different spells, rituals or even cleansing stones and crystals with it (check the level of hardness first).

Thank the Moon for being so kind to keep all the energy active even a day after the eclipse.

Go back inside and proceed with your ritual or spell. You will feel blessed and you will feel a different energy as you have connected and bonded more with the Moon.

If you want add a Tarot Card that has a Full Moon in it to complete the ritual with an offering and a meditation with the light of the Full Moon. I hope this was helpful and motivational! Please feel free to comment below!


Your Witchy Dancer!

Full Moon 01/22/2019. The Full Moon's energy still amazing today! Photo by me!

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