The Blood Moon Reflection

As we discussed in the two previous articles from my Blog this upcoming Full Moon is known as both; The Wolf Moon and The Blood Moon. Today we will talk about The Blood Moon. The name is because of the Total Eclipse (tracker at the bottom).

What this Blood Moon brings to us as a collective? Strong level of feelings definitely but also it bring us together as the event is not only a piece of conversation, but something to enjoy both as solitaire or with your love ones.

If we see 'The Emperor' (The Vampires Tarot of the Eternal Night) is the perfect representation of it. I always work with the light, but I love vampires theme Tarot and vampires stories. This card is a symbol of health to think about our blood health. It is also a solo meditation moment under the Full Moon. It prepare us for the St. Valentine's celebration by already showing its colors of red, silver, black and white.

This Blood Moon will test us on elevating feelings and how much control we can have when they are at such high level. It is a little bit of pressure before the reconciliation (if needed).

But for the ones like me who live in a very cold place, we are under a winter storm right now. That is obligating us to control the level of emotions by cuddling up and again its white color bring the peace needed.

As a gift here is a short poem you can use for "Blood Moon Under a Winter Storm":

Blood Moon who is showing the reds of love and the darkness of my fire,

I accept falling in love with your beauty

as I am under the blankets of a cold empire.

Bring me your strengh and let me feel your warmth, before turning my cold heart into a melting desire.

As I feel your power with your light myself I pamper.

Do not leave me yet Blood Moon of fire,

let me feel your warmth before the cold snow cover my desires.

I hope you like my poem. It is perfect for a love spell about recovering passion, a new beggining for a relationship or simply enjoy it as it is, a poem.

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See you in the next Blog!


Your Witchy Dancer!

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