Start Adding Your Knots

We Witches have been using cords and knots Magick for many, many years. They started as far as in the times of Mesopotamia. Today I want to share my Wheel of the Year Knot Biding Spell.

What you need:

1 cord in the color of your choice

1 Wheel of the Year/Wheel of Fortune Tarot Card from the Deck of Choice (probably a deck you do not use).

1 white candle or you can combine it with the same color of your cord for even stronger impact.

1 crystal or stone in the same color of the cord or a clear quartz works too.

Always clean the space, consecrate and follow the Casting the Circle protocol for protection. After evocation light the candle by saying: "This light will continue to show me the way through each day, week & month of this year (2019)."

Place the Wheel of Fortune (Year) card in front of the candle flat on the surface.

Grab the cord and say: "As I tie this knot that symbolizes the first month of the year, I call upon ______ (your intentions). So Be It!"

The idea is to leave it through the entire 12 months and during the first three days of each month to repeat it. You can vary intentions per knot or re-afirm the same one over and over. On December 31st tie both ends together, place it in a cauldron with herbs or resins of your choice (I prefer Frankincense & Myhrr, Cinnamon or Clove) and burn it as a symbol of ending the year to get ready for the upcoming one.

Having an idea on what awaits in the next 12 months does not have to be exactly in December from the previous year.

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