Secrets of Paradise Tarot Campaign

Since around the Fourteenth Century Tarot Cards were around Europe as a form cards game. Then, with time, it became a tool for divination and for many a collectors item. There are numerous styles of Tarot Decks out there but the main ones have always been Rider Waite and Tarot de Marseilles, differencing each other on the fact that the Rider Waite has people on the Minor Arcanas and Tarot de Marseilles does not. In the Psychic World Rider Waite gain popularity because for many having people in the Minor Arcanas (Cups, Coins/Pentacles, Swords and Wands), is easier to read as it has a scenery with more symbols and meanings that just the number of cups or swords without any other pictures or symbolism in it. 

However, most of the Tarot Decks out there are based on either Kabbalah (The Tree of Life) or other symbolism from either cultures from Israel, Egypt and Europe, some modern ones have a bit of American symbolism and I have also seen couple with African Heritage in it but none had any representation of the Caribbean or Hispanic Cultures. After writing the book "Puerto Rico's Authentic Music and Dances", and because she is also a Psychic and Tarot Reader, Leticia Ferrer-Rivera realized that even the book is in English, her culture was not going to have as much exposure unless, she was exposing it in a more popular way, something that it does not matter where people are from, they will feel comfortable with it, as well as having a more visual tool for understanding it. This is how 'Secrets of Paradise Tarot' was created. Leticia also needed a great artist and illustrator to create the images she was designing in her head and she magically found Laura Bello from Uruguay who is the artist creating such great images. 

Leticia and Laura are creating a Tarot Deck that follows some of the traditional Kabbalah symbolism from the Rider Waite and yes, it has people in all the cards, but also it is a Tarot Deck re-imagined from the Caribbean and Hispanic perspective. One example is the card of "The Devil" has been changed to "Temptations" with a couple dancing Tango in Uruguay surrounded by fire, as not all religions in the World believe there is an actual "devil", but everyone, including the Christian view of it, knows that we should be carefull with the "temptations" we come across in our life. Leticia has also included all the spiritual beliefs and everyone who is part of the community in this deck. From a Catholic image of 'Virgen de la Providencia' in the 'Ace of Cups' to 'Yemayá in 'The Star' and even the 'Pride Parade' in the 'Four of Wands' are all taking part of this one-of-a-kind deck. One of the favorites is 'The Death' where instead the weaker is the one impacted, the Taínos are drowning a Spaniard conqueror to see if he was mortal or not, after suffering so much abuse by them, back in the times of Christopher Columbus.  

The deck will include a booklet and also, there is going to be a more detailed book that will be sold separately on Amazon after the deck is ready to be printed and published. 

Right now there is a campaign with great Rewards in Kickstarter and the support is highly needed! Please visit the link below to become a contributor. You have until August 16th to be able to get any of the Rewards and support this amazing project!

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