Mini Full Moon Pita Sandwich

During this moment when we have extra time due to being lock down because of the COVID-19, it is a great way to try new recipes. Especially when you cannot find bread at the store because people emptied the shelves due to panicking about not being able to go grocery shopping.

Another reason is that in the practice of kitchen witchery, we can also create magick and healing with what we prepare.

From the more simple intention with cooking a soup for attracting health and abundance all the way to having a kitchen altar and even celebrate the moon phases with this simple recipe.


2 Small Pita Breads

1 egg

Some Salad Cut Olives

2 slices of Tomato


Olive Oil


Mixing bowl


Put butter on a small pan to melt. Mix olives to the scrambled egg in a bowl.

Put the pitas cut in the middle in a toaster oven for a short time just to warm.them a bit.

Cook the scramble egg with the olives on a low temperature constantly moving with the spatula.

Put the Pitas open on a flat plate, drizzle with some olive oil and serve 1/2 of the egg in each Pita.

Place 1 thin tomato slice on top of the egg.

Close the Pitas with the other part.

If you notice, it looks like a full moon. While you take every bite think about what things you will be releasing during this period of Wanning Moon.

I hope you enjoy this delicious and mindful recipe!


Your Witchy Dancer!

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