Ostara Under the Super Full Moon 2019

By: Leticia Ferrer-Rivera

This year we have been blessed with not one but three Super Moons! Not only we have been experiencing three beautiful Super Full Moons but for us in the Pagan community, two of them have been connected to holidays. The one coming on March 20th is coinciding with Ostara also known as the Spring Equinox.

Ostara, for the ones who are not too familiar with it is the start of the Spring time. It is also the rise of the Goddess Persephone from the Underworld and the opportunity to plant seeds and grow flowers and variety of plants. It is part of the deal she agreed to for us to be able to harvest some food later.

A way to celebrate it is to start planting some herbs. If you are in a place where snow and cold still the rule you can start working with indoor pots. By the way this is the time we drink Egg Nog. It is a moment to eat lots of egg in all kinds of way! The eggs are symbol of fertility and this moment of the year the Earth gets fertile to provide us with flowers, fruits, vegetables, green sceneries and new aromas.

Dying the eggs also have different meanings based on the color chosen and in Paganism lots of Witches love to dye the eggs with natural dyes made of herbs such as Carrots, Turmeric, Cayenne, Purple Grape Juice, Beet Juice, and in my culture we can use Annatto (Achiote) if you want to add some Caribbean/Latin touch to the tradition. Another interesting recipe you can make is the Hot Cross Bun which is originally a Pagan tradition.

On the left a Thousand Eye Sphere representing the Full Moon and on the right a nice egg shaped Apatite Palm Stone inside a nice shiny egg representing Ostara. Picture credit: Leticia Ferrer-Rivera

As a Crystal Healer I suggest creating a nice Grid using plants and crystals or adding herbs to your current crystal grid too. The best Crystal Grid for this occasion is the one used for Prosperity and Abundance since green is the color of the season. We just passed St. Patrick’s but for Ostara we are also surrounded by that vibrant and beautiful color. For those with children, you can host an “Egg Dying Party”. It is a great way to teach children the traditions in a very fun way.

This moment of the year is the one where light comes triumph over darkness and the Wheel of the Year spins again moving forward to bring us the Sun and the Spring colors around.

With the Super Full moon added to the event it is time to say to the old in order to have a fresh start with new projects and new fresh beginnings. Just as I mentioned before, it is a great moment for new starts in business and to welcome abundance in your life! A little grounding and meditation can help you focus on achieving those goals. The Super Full Moon is one more push to amplify the energy that comes with the Spring Equinox. Take advantage of it and use it in your favor!

Let’s have fun during Ostara and let’s start feeling fresh with a clean Aura!


Your Witchy Dancer

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