Not a Voodoo Doll

Are you getting ready to celebrate Imbolc or Candlemas and someone asked you if the Bridgit Doll is a Voodoo Doll? Ok, so it happened to me too! Let's talk about it.

Through this article I want to colaborate in the cultural competency area of the Pagan Religions or different spiritual paths. I am from the Caribbean and even though my spiritual path comes from the Witchcraft, I grew up very close to different Neo African Religions from the Caribbean. A Neo African Religion can be for example the Voodo from Haití, the Santería from Cuba, Candomblé from Brazil or even Palo Mayombe from Dominican Republic.

People tend sometimes to think we are all "witches" but not everyone who follow or practice a "pagan religion" is a Witch. I am! Going back to the theme, a Bridgit Doll made of Raffia is a Celtic tradition to honor the Goddess with the same name. While in the other hand, a Voodoo Doll is usually made of fabric and it is intended for spell casting with the intention of manipulating positive or negative energies torwards a person or animal.

If you missed my Live Tutorial from Facebook you can still go see it in a Watch Party now by clicking the link below!

Happy Imbolc!


Your Witchy Dancer!

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