New Moon Card of the Day Reflections

Today we have a particular New Moon that is also combined with Mercury Retrograde. Ufff! My opinion is that the New Moon is helping to banish and to keep away those "typical" Mercury Retrograde moments. I also understand that having Mercury Retrograde working with the New Moon will help us realize of what we do not need or need to fix ASAP!

The "Card of the Day" that came out of my 'Witches Tarot' is 'The Hanged Man'. It is a great representation because show sacrifice, spiritual connection, a ritual side for meditation on being selective and reflecting on life and also connection with nature. Look at the symbol of the Pentacle too meaning he is protected even when he is taking risks and during tough moments. It is also a message of the Goddess and God saying; "We got you!"

I do not want to sound as a Catholic Nun, but when you are someone who keep in touch with the spiritual path besides just waiting to perform a ritual in every phase of the Moon, you are in the winning side!

Just as any deity the Moon Goddess care about us, especially when we have been bonding with her and need some help to banish negativity under the New Moon and Mercury is trying to laugh at you at the same time! The Sun God can also interfere with this, especially in this season when he is getting stronger and like to show his young man skills.

The New Moon is also connected to those dark scrying mirrors and to the Black Moonstone. But just lighting a Purple or Black Candle tonight to meditate before doing your rituals can help in the relationship with the Gods and with embracing the positive side of the dark.

Blessed be!


Your Witchy Dancer!

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