Magickal Traditional Poinsettias

Poinsettias or “Flor de Pascua” has its origins back in Mexico during Azteca times. Besides the medical properties for the Aztecas it symbolized purity and the need for sacrifice. With this same thought I will say that this makes them a perfect flower for celebrating Yule as well.

The Poinsettia became related with Christmas after it was used by Christian friars for processions during the seventeenth century.

In Puerto Rico we call them “Flor de Pascua” and it has been a tradition in my family for generations. We had to have them in different colors in our balcony every year. That is why I decided to add the Poinsettias on “Queen of Swords” from “Secrets of Paradise Tarot”. This Queen of Swords is Doña Fela, who is using a Spanish Fan as a sword and it has a mixed of North and Hispanic traditions. As you see the tree on the left and the Poinsettias on the table. Doña Fela was the first female mayor from Old San Juan in history and she always carried a Spanish Fan wherever she went. Poinsettias definitely carry a strong female energy to work with. This card can also be used for Yule rituals.

If you have already pre-ordered this deck or have other decks or Oracles with Poinsettias, depending in what position it comes to the mat, I will say that a Poinsettia can announce upcoming festivities (if in a future position of a spread) or it can also tell the person that a wish can be granted. If it is in the past position of the spread, I suggest a meaning of an ancestor trying to bring a memory to the receiver of the message. Poinsettias bring a positive vibe to the Reading indeed.

Below you can get some ideas on how to magically use Poinsettias (or Pascuas) to your altar.

· Place one in your altar just as an offering to the divine. One of the beautiful things is that it breaks the “all green” patterns in this season by adding red vibrant color to your Yule decoration.

· If you do not have pets, place them under the tree to form a pretty skirt of flowers and place crystals in each pot adding different intentions to each of them to use them in a New Year’s Eve Crystal Bag, so you can receive the New Year with great energy!

· Connect different colors of Poinsettias with the different Archangels and place them in their altars or at home or office to show them appreciation.

· The Poinsettias looks like a star, perhaps a wishing star. Another idea I can give you is to place one in each side of your altar for symbolizing two types of wishes; what you wish to vanish in the New Year and what you want to attract in the New Year. You can enhance this by adding

crystals around each of the Poinsettia to create a grid and add a little paper roll hidden in the back of the plant or in the soil for manifesting. On December 31st take a red petal and the paper roll and burn them on a piece of charcoal in your cauldron. You can add some cinnamon, cloves, anise, and any other herbs for the attracting half and add Amber Resin or even red or black pepper and black salt for the banishing half. Make sure you burn the banishing first in order to create the right energetic space to receive what you want to attract.

There are many other things you can do with Poinsettias and remember you can also work with the different colors they come in the market in order to put the matching intention for it. For example, you can use the pink Poinsettias for love and enhance relationships and the white ones for bringing more peace to your environment in the upcoming year. You can place a White Poinsettia in the center of a dining table in Yule to symbolize peace and communication with the spirit of your loved ones to let them know they will always remain family and will not be forgotten.

I also place them directly in my ancestor’s altar I maintain year-round because my Grandmothers and Aunts loved them so much! I want to keep them happy!

I hope that you got inspired by these magickal ideas with the Poinsettias and either you can incorporate them or create your own. This is a way to also thank Terra (Gaia) and The Green Man for all the gifts from Earth we get in each season. Appreciation is an important part of our spiritual developments and the divine always appreciate that from us.

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