Full Moon in December Coincide with Yule 2018!

Having the blessing of a Full Moon the same day of a Winter Solstice has only happened 10 times since 1793. This year we will have the 11th one! December Full Moon (also known as Cold Moon) will be already showing during December 21st and that goes along celebrating Yule. This is also the shortest day of the year. The Moon will be in Cancer and combined with Capricorn the sign of that part of the month will make an interesting combination. All this will facilitate for meditation and following your gut feeling on what bagage to leave behind and choose what you want to take with you to the 2019.

Remember, if you need a little help you can always get the 12-Month Tarot or Crystals Reading I offer in my store in order to see things with more clarity, a different perspective and prepare for the New Year ahead of time!

Truly yours,


Your Witchy Dancer!

From top left: Handmade Wooden Pentacle Ornament, Handmade Clay Yule 2018 Ornament, Witchy Hat (I bought it in a store), Handmade Triple Moon Ornament with recycled materials on clay. All are available for purchase, contact me!

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