Flowers and Crystals

Do you know that you can use flowers and crystals for attracting and keeping the desired energy in your space?

Both, crystals and flowers has Sacred Geometry, comes from nature and we Witches and Pagans love working with them, so why not taking advantage of all that and create a beautiful corner at home or office to use the gifts of nature in our favor?

Let's start by getting the crystals first, since they last forever. There are three exception to this: they break, or they already served they purpose or they were not properly cleansed and got overwhelmed with energy. In both of the last two cases they usually disappear and go back to nature or they hide for a while and you find them later on.

Regardless of that, crystals do not die fast like flowers do after leaving the plant. Select your intentions, shapes and colors to find the perfect crystals matching the decoration you have in mind. For ideas and beautiful decorating crystals you can go to this link:

Then, select the flowers. Remember to count on the ones you have available during the season. Cleanse and consecrate the garden tool for cutting the stems or branch. Always ask for permission from the bush or tree before proceeding to cut the flowers. Ask them to connect with you and your intention. Then, make sure you cut on a knot or the right place where you are supposed to cut, so the branch can grow again next season. You can always read about it before. There is plenty of information about gardening and how to cut specific flowers in the internet and YouTube.

Remember to thank the bush or tree after cutting the flowers.

Cleansed the area with Sage or a smokeless smudge. Here are two links for getting either one.

Place the flowers on a vase with fresh water and arrange the crystals or Himalayan Salt Lamp around the flowers arrangement. Sit in front and you can do a meditation on the intention or you can also use a wand or athame for connecting the flowers and the crystals just like you do for a crystal grid. Then let it work its magick!

Show me some pictures from your arrangement! I am adding some ideas here as well. 🌸🏵🌺🌹


The Witchy Dancer!

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