Crystals Impact in your Dreams

From Babylonia to Mesopotamia and all the way to modern days, crystals and stones have been part of human lives and rituals. Stones and crystals have been used for protection in battles or even for crossing the seas and others for preventing getting drunk or simply as an exchange of love and fidelity. I can give innumerous examples, but I want to focus today in what this article is about, which is the impact of crystals in your dreams.

There is a bit of controversy if people should or should not use crystals under the pillow while sleeping. We must remember that crystals are made of specific geometry and properties and have specific types of energy, sometimes even a specific cluster or tumble have a different energy than the rest of the same kind. Therefore, is so important to be mindful on the way we use crystals.

After getting three certifications as a Crystal Healing Practitioner, working with crystals for more than 14 years now, and adding the previous experience of living with crystals all my life, I am a little bit skeptic on using crystals exactly under the pillow. However, I do love having crystals near me in my bedroom. I also have seen the news on how psychologists are talking about the impact of this Coronavirus Pandemic in people’s dreams. So, I decided this is a perfect time for you to know how crystals can help you sleep and dream better!

Let’s start by talking about how crystals can help you go to sleep. For those who can sleep easy at night, you are probably ok to use only the crystals to enhance your dreams that I will mention below, but for those who has big trouble falling asleep and/or suffer from insomnia, the following crystals can be of a big help.

Selenite, Amethyst and Lepidolite – You can use them separate as only one of them or you can use a piece of Selenite in conjunction with either Amethyst or Lepidolite. I do not recommend tu use two purple crystals together for helping fall asleep because the vibration is too high and everything in excess is not good. Selenite will not only help in sleeping or insomnia problems, but also maintains the other crystal clean and charged.

Celestite and Angelite are great for Sleep Apnea and for dealing with stress, calming and soothing. Obsidian works Fear.

For enhancing, stimulate and recall dreaming I recommend Kyanite, Herkimer Diamond, Amethyst and Rose Quartz. In this case I also recommend you charge the crystals under the Full Moon.

The following is a simple recommendation for sleeping better:

*Boil water in the microwave or even better in a tea pot (one of those that scream when the water is ready).

*Add the water in a cup for hot liquids

*Place a bag of Chamomile with Lavender Tea (it is easy to find in stores carrying big varieties of teas). The Chamomile by itself works well too.

*Follow the instructions on the back of the tea bag on how long you should keep the bag inside the water Mine says 10 minutes, but this might vary based on the brand. Place the crystals around the cup while waiting the 10 minutes to pass.

*Remove the bag and either place it on the freezer to use to alleviate puffy eyes in the morning or discard it.

*Enjoy your cup of tea and sweet dreams!


Continuing with other tips, I highly recommend to always keep an Amethyst and a Clear Quartz near the bed or inside your night table drawer in the case you have other crystal conflicting, for using as a quick resource for waking up with a headache or allergies. My clients always have instruction on how to specifically use the crystals they buy from my online store to make sure they get the best benefits possible out of the ones they purchased.

If you do NOT want to sleep on a specific night you must use the following crystals and they all work with increasing energy, great for intimacy and passion as well as for maintaining you awake.

Carnelian, Ruby, Hematite

Please follow the link to order your favorite sleeping and dreaming crystal companions:

However, if the issue is persistent even after using crystals you need to consult your physician and remember that crystals are a holistic alternative for metaphysical and spiritual purposes and not intended to substitute any medical treatment.

There are also metaphysical and paranormal issues on why you are not sleeping well or having nightmares. For that you can always schedule a Tarot Reading and we can go find the root of the cause during the session. The best of all, it is all online, virtual, over the phone, email or even via Messenger, but I will make you feel as if it is on a One on One basis in a safe manner. For booking a reading please follow this other link:

Remember that I am here for you and to guide you in trying innovative ways for adding holistic decoration with the crystals as they are a great companion in your daily life. Just let me know what is it that you would like to work with and if I do not have it on the website I can put it together for you and upload it for you to be able to purchase your exclusive combo. Oh yes! I pamper my clients indeed!

I hope you enjoyed and learned from this article, especially to help you find ways to cope with the stress, insomnia, nightmares and fear created by this moment of pandemic around the World. There are many more crystals and ailments I can talk about, but in this moment, I wanted to mention just the most important ones. Stay tune for more and please find me in Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and of course my website


Your Witchy Dancer!

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