Corona Virus on Crystal Surfaces

As we are part of the metaphysical world and most likely a lot of people are still receiving some shipments with crystals and oils from the last purchases made, I think it is very important we are aware on how to handle your box and merchandise that comes inside to prevent getting contagious with COVID-19.

I am not a health care practitioner but the information in the news does not include us, but just the general public. Still, it is just a matter of common sense and thinking out of the box.

It is said that the virus can last up to 72 hours on a shiny solid surface like glass, plastic and metal. It is also said that the virus might die faster on paper, cardboard and other porus absorbent materials.

What I have done:

I put gloves on and take antibacterial and bathe the box with it or spray with lysol as soon as it arrives. Depending on how long it took to arrive, I might NOT open it for about 24 to 48 hours just to give it more time than the 72 hours they talk about in all of the resources out there and the news.

Once I open it, if I have polished crystals that the level of harness is 7 & up, I do wash it with soap and water as soon as I unwrap it. If it is a raw crystal, I might leave it there for maybe 1 more day as I cannot wash it.

When I open my raw crystals, I place them on salt for couple of hours and then smudge it. There are cystals that are so fragile I just smudge them, preferably with Eucalyptus or Yerba Santa. Mugwort is also great and Sage and Palo Santo can do the job.

For the Essential Oils, I bathe the sealed bottles with antibacterial. You can also place the bottles on salt, then rub with cotton wet with alcohol and then smudge them. Remember you can use gloves through the entire time you are handling your new crystals or you can also wash your hands really well after you are done with all.

Remember there are oils that you can protect your skin with as some are good antiseptics like Thieves, Herbs Garden, Patchouli or Cinnamon. I also have a list of oils that are really good to use during virus seasons in my previous Blog. Follow the link below:

Remember these are just suggestions and always visit the official links on how to prevent getting COVID-19 to stay updated as this information can constantly chage due to new discoveries. Here is the link:

I hope this have been of some help to my metaphysical friends and customers out there. Stay safe!


Your Witchy Dancer!

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