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I love crystals and besides selling them on my online store, I have my home office area full of them along with my other tools such as my Tarot Cards, many different Pendulums and yes, the electronics too. However, besides being a Psychic, Crystal Healing Practitioner and creating handmade jewelry I also have a daytime job where I was surrounded by so many people. I must admit that sometimes working in such a huge place I have encountered some toxic environment moments. For the longest time I was fighting myself to leave my Psychic and Crystal Healing Practitioner side out of this other office, but that really does not work, meaning not using my intuition and protective crystals there.

After having years of experience in a former job working with home and office decoration and one on one with Interior Designers and Architects, I needed to take some action here and be creative. I had to bring crystals and turn intuition on to survive and succeed. I want to share my own testimony and how I make it happen so you can consider enhancing your office environment for you and maybe your employees with a series of wonderful crystals and stones.

I first started by doing my mediation with crystals in the morning before going to work in order to put my mind clear, cleanse my Aura and re-balance myself. I did some Tarot Readings for guidance and from there I started by bringing a Palm Stone and some crystals on a little metallic plate to put them right by my computer. The first Palm Stone I brought was Labradorite and that immediately started protecting me and showing me the real personalities from people, so it was easier for me to coach them and interact with them on a daily basis as I knew them better.

I added more crystals to my area, and some of the stones were getting really hot from the very first day so I had to wash them in the fountain with cold water. I knew I was not able to smudge there so the stones were water safe as I picked the ones with a higher level of harness.

It worked perfectly as the crystals were absorbing negative energy and cleaning the space or toxic behaviors. It also started working the magic because people will realize if this was a good fit for their career or not and they will leave quick and on their own if it was not for them. I then brought this amazing Smokeless Smudge that is so office friendly and it was like the cherry on the top.

Eventually I lost the fear of having crystals visible at my desk. I lost the fear of what people would think of me by having some carvings there including an Angel made of Black Obsidian.

My advice for you is that you can play with the sizes and colors or even choosing the perfect crystals based on your intentions and to try to achieve the desired goals. In Dancing Crowns, we can help you to select a variety of choices. From the bigger ones to use them as a book holder to smaller carvings or specimens that can be perfect for adding a nice color or decorative accent to your desk. Here is a cute Obelisk that will take very little space but add a nice energy touch on your desk.

Now I tell you that having crystals and stones in the workplace is a great option as many of them have great metaphysical properties to protect, attract abundance and the correct peers and clients to your place. Here is an good example of that:

Don’t you think it is time to book a Business Tarot Reading with me and then go shopping for some gemmy décor? I highly encourage you to do it and let me help you through the process! I can even pre-order items or find the rarest pieces for you. I do it from the heart and I enjoy every minute of it, I promise you will too.

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