Ask For Prosperity in Your Love Relationship

Since this is the "month of love" coinciding with the Lunar New Year of the Pig I decided to give an advice to the couples to ask for abundance and money during the crescent moon part of February. This is a nice ritual for not only pagan couples, but anyone who would like to attracts money and properity to your life. We should remember that lots of the main issues for couples to break up is because lacking of financial resources, so why not putting both energies together to make it more effective!

Things you need:

Any Tarot Card that represents money and material gains to you. You can both choose one. I am using The Lovers Card from the Golden Visconti since it has a couple and it is gold.

Some crystals and stones to attract money and properity such as Pyrite, Carnelian, Jade, Tiger's Eye, Emerald and Ruby.

Optional- 1 Manekineko Cat, 1 item or figurine from the Pig (preferably red or from Asia) and some Chinese Coins (any material will do even pictures).

If you want to add extra candles besides the altar ones choose a green or gold one.

2 cups of wine or bubbly grape juice, some grapes, cheese and crackers.

After cleaning the space, making a circle and calling the directions and the elements you can recite the following paragraph I have created myself and have worked very well for me:

"We are in love with each other as we attract all the resources. We are blessed to have each other and we ask the Sun God to send money and prosperity our way. We offer this altar as a symbol of our hard work. We are blessed to have each other and soon we will feel on top of the World. Blessed be!"

After that you can both do a toast and eat together the grapes (symbol of abundance), cheese and crackers. This can also continue with a private sex ritual between the couple as in Wicca that is part of the rituals depending on the path the person is following and is a big part of love and relatiinships. Make sure to close the circle and give thanks!

For booking a Tarot Reading for couples please click on the link!

Keep me updated after you see results!


Your Witchy Dancer!

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