A Garnet in the Snow

Today I am writing this article as I am embracing the fact that it seems that everyone is enjoying the beggining of the Spring Time except for us in WNY. Punxsutawney Phil said so! "Early Spring for everyone except New York where your weather do its own thing!" So I decided to be a Garnet in the snow.

It goes really well with me since Garnet is a substitute of the Ruby (my birthstone) in Crystal Healing and Magick! Garnet is beautiful raw, polished and even more beautiful when faceted. The particularity about this warmy looking stone is that it is from Alaska, a very cold place on Earth. After I discovered that I decided to find ways of thinking warm under the snow. Yesterday was snowing all day and today we have a white carpet everywhere we step.

One of the ways I found comfort is by drinking warm tea or coffee during working hours or at home. I also focus on the upcoming moment when the last freeze happen so I can start planting the seeds and bulbs for my garden this year. It keeps me motivated! I also thanked my God and Goddess for the spectacular views the snow creates around us and the result of beautiful things that comes out of it like the Garnet itself.

In the Metaphysical side, I use Garnet for grounding as it connects with the Root Chakra. It is also a great prosperity and money attracting stone and it helps to maintain the business person with the feet on the ground when taking big decisions.

I have two Crystals Tarots and in both there is always a Garnet (my own made composed by real stones and The Crystal Tarot with cards I bought from a store). In the one composed with cards Garnets are part of The Temperance. It teaches us to test the waters first and to always look for perfection. It is also a statement of keeping yourself grounded and safe until you find the right moment to jump in the River. It is a card of abundance and endless resources. Great card for meditation as the Sun is a symbol of the goals ww can reach at the ebd if each path we take abd that there is always light after darkness.

I hope this has helped to keep the warmth going as we are closer to feel the Sun and enjoy the flowers!

Here is a link for a Crystal Grid that has a Garnet as the main stone!



Your Witchy Dancer!

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