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Dances and Cultural Conservation

Dancing Crowns is not only a place for teaching and learning a variety of dances as a form of hobby and fitness, but it is also a center of cultural awareness and conservation. 



Dancing Crowns' Mission is to preserve the authenticity and characteristics of music and dances that are endangered through teaching, performing, and community involvement in the Diaspora, especially in the Rochester Area, and any other area we can reach out in New York State. 

It is also part of our Mission to have a judgement free zone and be as inclusive as we can. We are a studio who welcome everyone who wants to learn dance without the stereotype and cliché that has followed Ballroom Dances and Cultural Dances for so long. We love making our students feel welcome and feel that there are no limits on how they learn and their progress they make in every class. 



Our Vision is to be able to have the resources to teach bigger classes and to be in more performances, including creating our own community workshops. We dream of having more instruments available for people of all ages to learn Bomba and as the only Hispanic Owned Dance Studio in Monroe County to bring more resources and knowledge to the community that cannot physically come to the studio. We need to fulfill that big necessity of having more performing arts and positive socialization as well as making it more a family engagement. 

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